Did You Get Burned By The SuperBook?

First and foremost, we are NOT Sentio! In fact, we too were burned by the company as a service provider that was never paid and left stuck with large debts unpaid by Sentio. With Sentio bankrupt, we were able to legally secure a small amount of inventory that they produced but ultimately never delivered to backers and that is how this offer has come to be. 

With no one maintaining the software to run the original superbook as it was intended too with android devices, ultimately this inventory was destined for the garbage as it is no longer a plug and play solution with the latest android powered devices. We wanted to find a way to put these laptop shells in the hands of people that can use them and do so at a very fair price and ultimately discovered through our own tinkering that these work great with a Raspberry Pi. This is not about getting rich as a result of others being let down. We will be able to recover a small portion of what we lost, but the primary goal is to get what we are calling the PiBookPro in the hands of raspberry pi enthusiasts so they can continue to learn and play with a truly handy little piece of kit. 

We understand and share your frustration at the situation, but ask you to see the silver lining in all of this. A future generation of computer science enthusiasts will have access to a product that helps them expand and accelerate their learning and that would not have happened without you or us getting burned in the process. 


The PiBookPro Crew